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In affiliate marketing trust is everything. That’s why we’ve built a rewarding program based on transparency and honesty. We’re committed to providing dedicated support to dedicated affiliates.


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From the total Net Revenue generated


1st threshold

0-1 FTD


2nd threshold

2-4 FTDs


3rd threshold

5-9 FTDs


4th threshold

10+ FTDs

FTD = First Time Depositing Customer

Casino Affiliate



EWaffiliates is one of the best affiliate programs we've worked with in recent times. Lively communication, lucrative agreements, and new media on regular basis. Ultimately, it all comes to conversions, and here I would like to point out that they are in the lead of everyone in this market!


We've been working together with the HotSlots brand for a while. Our conversion rate has frequently exceeded all expectations because it has been seamless and smooth the entire time. We are unable to refrain from praising the entire affiliate team. Keep up the good work, you guys are an essential part of this unique experience.


I sought a partner that embodies excellence, innovation, and player dedication. Look no further than this exceptional online casino. From the moment I started collaborating with EWaffiliates, I knew I had struck gold. What truly sets this affiliate program apart is their unwavering support. The affiliate managers not only understand the industry inside out but also go the extra mile in ensuring my success.

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